Rice & Beans is a collective formed by 44 second-year photography students from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. We traveled to Bratislava to realize individual projects over the course of one week. We hit the road to encounter, explore, discover, experiment and understand. All of this was a demanding adventure, but ultimately an incredibly fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

We worked for five days and nights, working on individual projects in the city of Bratislava and its surrounding landscapes. What we found (out) we captured on film and photographs - some explored performance, others used fashion and dough, and a lot more happened in between and beyond.

A selection of our projects is currently on display open to the public until 14 April 2019 at Medium Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia.

To complete this adventure we are currently working on a publication which will be available soon.
Danit Ariel
Clara Berger
Michèle Bergsma
Diana Bernashevska
Ivor Borovečki
Elisa Cappellari
Melissa Carnemolla
Maria Ciszewska
Ed Chilton
Pier van der Elsen
Garam Eo
Kay Fahner
Sophia Favela
Sanne de la Fosse
Jan Golabek
Maria Brazão Sousa
Robin Griffioen
Ayitey Hammond
Joel Heikkinen
Fleur Huijsdens
Nosh Neneh
Irene Jahn
Femke Juffermans
Vanessa Kappler
Fabian Kasper
Frederik Klanberg
Brand Kurpershoek
Lena Kuzmich
Sophie Leyendecker
Casper van der Linden
Mitchell Lisse
Guillaume Louvet
Antonia Mayer
Alexandra Petcu
Peter Pflügler
Saskia Risseeuw
Sean Sandoval
Igor Schiller
Lou-Lou van Staaveren
Madeline Swainhart
Lumi Tuomi
Ties Veerman
Marco Verhoogt
Vladimir Vidanovski
Lilli Weinstein
Ellen Wittkampf